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News Letter Continued

TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

The instant the finger was cut, a message was flashed to the brain. The healing service of body was alerted. Blood was rushed to the cut finger and the healing action began. All of this in a fraction of a second! The full flow of blood fills three needs. It cleans and disinfects the wound, forms a shell to protect the healing action and provides substance for the new cells being formed by the creative power of divine Source expressing as and through your physical body. As the flesh heals, hundreds of severed nerves are perfectly reconnected.

What does this observation prove? First: There is an intelligence within the body, beyond the human intellect, that knows how to heal. Our conscious mind does not. Two: There is a creative intelligent energy that responds to the healing intelligence. Three: Behind the finger is a spiritual pattern of wholeness. Healing restores the finger to that wholeness. A manifestation of the spiritual to the physical. Now the creative intelligence that designed the finger must be the same creative intelligence that designed the entire body — and designed it in the same pattern of wholeness. This is the spiritual principle that underlies all healing.

Another important fact that healing reveals is a relationship between the inner intelligence and the conscious mind. There is tons of evidence that faith accelerates healing action, sometimes to full restoration in moments. There is tons of evidence that fear restricts the healing action. The conscious mind, expressing and affirming faith, is operating in harmony with the creative intelligence of Source individualizing as the conscious min. If the conscious mind is expressing fear, it is in conflict with the principle of spiritual healing.

What is the omnipotent energy expressing from energy to form as the wholeness of the body?  Could it be other than creative intelligence of the omnipotence of Source individualizing as you. The Apostle Paul wrote that your body is the temple of God and the Presence of God dwells therein. The more we live in tune with the inner Presence the more the body will express the radiant health for which it was intended.

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Gather with like-minded people to celebrate the joy of life in an atmosphere overflowing with unconditional love and support. Feel the energy where all are accepted and valued for who they are. Expand your awareness of the Presence of God through spiritual lessons that are powerful and practical for everyday life, and music that is positive and uplifting to the soul.

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