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News Letter Continued

TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

A basic principle of our teaching is based on this understanding of our oneness with Source is that love is an attribute of God and, as such, is an inherent quality within each and every one of us. Divine love is an intrinsic characteristic of our core-self, of our Soul. Love is not something we need to create; love is something we have the opportunity to realize, accept and then express the divine love that we each are to flow through us into others, the world and ourselves.

As we learn how to thrive in alignment with the spiritual principles which govern our journey, we discover that the love of Source actively seeks to be known and expressed through all beings. The impulse toward the fulfillment of Divine Love through all forms is an essential aspect of First Cause, the causative impulse of God that gives rise to all creation. There is in each of us a natural impulse to express and receive love, therefore there is within each of us a natural impulse to create. How do we allow the love of Source that we are to flow through us in new and more expansive ways? The answer is through our spiritual practices that allow us to transform and up-level the content of our consciousness. Divine love is ready, willing and always able to express through us as we provide the conscious channel for It to do so. Affirmative prayer is an ideal practice for establishing a practice of being the powerful first cause to your experience, through a realization and expression of love. We each have the freedom to choose the focus of our attention. Will it be the divine love that we are, or something less? Experience and share the love of Source you have come to this journey to be, in all that you do. Allow all of life to be uplifted by your ability to love to serve as powerful first cause to the whole of your journey.  Doing so allows you consciously create all of your journey, and you will love all that you created.


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Gather with like-minded people to celebrate the joy of life in an atmosphere overflowing with unconditional love and support. Feel the energy where all are accepted and valued for who they are. Expand your awareness of the Presence of God through spiritual lessons that are powerful and practical for everyday life, and music that is positive and uplifting to the soul.

Sunday Services

11:00 a.m. – In person* or online

*TCSL follows CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Wednesday Services

7:00 p.m. – Online

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