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News Letter Continued

TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

This transformation is not simply an activity of thinking a few new thoughts, but rather a total commitment of one’s entire being. That which is being transformed is not merely the surface of one’s thought but of their entire being.

It is a transformation from who we have thought we were into the realization of the spiritual God-Self that we truly are. It is the move in consciousness from identifying our total being with our personality to the realization that we are spiritual beings operating through a personality so we may express ourselves in the physical realm. This activity of the spiritual discernment of our higher Self versus the assumed self is the heart of the opportunity that the human experience offers to each of us.

 In this awareness, the importance of the practice of spiritual theory is obvious. Set aside time each day for study, reflection, prayer, and meditation. It is not enough to be well-intended about your Self-realization; you must be truly committed and determined to allow nothing to interfere with your spiritual practice. It is essential that you be consistent in your practices; the inner and outer results tend to be of a cumulative nature as you are more and more identifying with your true Self. I like to suggest a student set aside a certain time each day that is in alignment with their schedule.

There is nothing more important than your practice of your consistently evolving and expanding divinity. It is this practice in the silence of your mind and heart, and in your daily activities that reveals the magnificence of God you have come to this journey to be.

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Gather with like-minded people to celebrate the joy of life in an atmosphere overflowing with unconditional love and support. Feel the energy where all are accepted and valued for who they are. Expand your awareness of the Presence of God through spiritual lessons that are powerful and practical for everyday life, and music that is positive and uplifting to the soul.

Sunday Services

11:00 a.m. – In person* or online

*TCSL follows CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Wednesday Services

7:00 p.m. – Online

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