TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

It is not only a false belief, but it leads to many problems and issues within an individual’s journey. No matter how adamant our relatives and associates may be, they have no power over us except the power we choose to allow. Regardless of your position in the workplace, no matter what is currently occurring in your journey, your choices and opportunities for self-expression and empowered living are unlimited. This is the SPIRITUAL TRUTH. At times it may feel difficult to accept and practice, however, as divine Source individualized it is your SPIRITUAL REALITY. The instant someone chooses to say, “my options or limited or non-existent”, they are relinquishing their omnipotent spiritual authority to transform or heal any situation they choose.

As omnipotent spiritual beings thriving in on omnipotent spiritual journey can you or I afford to feel powerless? Of course not! There is no SPIRITUAL TRUTH  within such a false suggestion. Such a false idea is non-productive and creates unfulfillment and unhappiness. You CAN afford all you truly want — anything less extracts too great a price. As Source individualized you power of choice and opportunities are unlimited. Accept this truth without and reservation and you will live this truth without any hesitation.