TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

and let it become the power of positive leverage in the unlimited opportunity of living from Principle as Principle in Perfect Form.

The same understanding and approach to life that was the light and the way of the great and wise of every age can be the heart of our own success in every area of our lives. This frees us to celebrate the enormous reserves of natural intelligence, talent and creativity within us. We find ourselves lovingly choosing not just to coast along on our Source-given abilities. We always receive what we give, multiplied.

Since transformation is the only thing in the universe that is constant, the greatest speed in shifting our thinking for the better becomes of utmost importance. Divine Principle frees us to fill our minds with unlimited combinations of healthy, loving and abundant ideas. Everything in our experience is constantly moving from where it has been to where it can be, by means of us. As we stretch daily into a greater understanding of living this journey as divine Source in perfect expression, we find ourselves relaxing into greater good and more effortless ease. At the same time, we strengthen our minds, our bodies, and our world. In this way, we are constantly improving our grip on positive self-discipline and letting intelligent self-definition be our advancing edge.

Through our own choice of thought, we cause people, things and events to become what they are to us. If we think a thing is real, in our experience it is real; if we refuse to accept and recognize the need for any detrimental condition, it cannot continue to exist for us. As a Total Package of divine Source, we have within ourselves the power to choose what we think and, therefore, we can let our world be anything we want it to be. As Proverbs 23:7 states, “…as man thinketh in his heart, so is he… .”