TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

e went into the world and explored many paths, and finally, after years of searching, he concluded the cause of pain and suffering was attachment. He became a ferry boatman, detached from the results of his labors, and thereby dwelled all the remaining days of his life in the house of the Lord.  

When Nelson Mandela was released from jail years ago, reporters crowding around him asked how it felt to be free after 27 years in confinement. He answered, “I have always been free.” Even in prison, Mandela dwelled in the house of the Lord.  

The Prodigal Son discovered the same truth after wasting his inheritance on riotous living before humbly returning to his father’s home to be welcomed with a feast in his honor and to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life. 

As we live this journey, we are always centered in the house of Source, whether we are experiencing something good or something less than positive. Our residence within divine Mind never changes. It is the attitude we have towards our current experience which determines whether we perceive it as good or bad.  

As you shift your perception from the external journey to your internal spiritual magnificence and oneness with God you step into the realization you are always living in the house of divine Oneness!