TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

Spiritual Self-esteem is the degree we receive from the “College of Omnipotent Source.” We begin to light up from within. The loving energy of God in all Its expressions  becomes visible to us, and we find ourselves understanding, a little more with every breath, the former mysteries of the hidden foundations of the physical realm.

The one who makes the most of every experience has discovered that the human heart is a microcosm of the loving grace and harmony of divine Presence. Kahlil Gibran said, “God is not in my heart; I am in the Heart of God.” This Heart is the Life Force of all life, which is the loving energy of God, everywhere at once.

Spiritual Self-esteem is the key to positive self-revelation and interpretation. It may require discipline, teachability and positive commitment, but the spiritual magnificence and power we discover within ourselves makes the investment worth it. We release the endless divinity within us and put it to use as the demonstration of our spiritual authority and oneness with Spirit. This illumination of our oneness and creative alignment with Source becomes our normal way of being. “

Spiritual Self-esteem is the effect of real self-discovery. The scriptures tell us, Beloved, now are we the chiildren of God.” We are, right now, what we always have been and shall always be: beloved expressions of the Infinite, through whom the creative energy and limitless intelligence of the Divine expresses Itself and experiences the physical realm.

Whenever we see and understand anything in a clear way, we can never again go back and accept a lessor thought of it. Only through clear understanding and thinking can we know ourselves as spiritual Self-esteem in action, and only through consciously embodying ourselves as such can we function from omnipotent spiritual beings thriving in an omnipotent spiritual journey.

Even though in the past, we may have expressed an idea about ourselves that did not express an awareness of spiritual Self-esteem we are all, in moment, held and viewed with the highest of esteem within the mind of God. By accepting the awareness that spiritual Self-esteem, as Love, is the only real foundation of life — and by living and celebrating all our activities from this realization — everything unlike or contrary to love, health and happiness is automatically removed from our journey.