TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

They are involved with spiritual principle which interacts with mental causation. They are exciting people to be with because they create their own experiences consciously, joyously and powerfully. When you live from the level of personal freedom and spiritual knowledge, you feel a deep, indwelling excitement. You are deeply aware that limitless opportunity is your ever-present companion. Success, love, health, prosperity and all-around peace of mind are your normal state of being and you move with excitement and positivity from one enjoyable manifesting intention to the next.

To express the divine potential within you, you must impress upon your consciousness positive, exciting ideas which agree with the divine perfection of your nature. Negatives ideas, thoughts and suggestions, such as fear and worry depress and repress us, and rightly so. A negative of fear or worry is without truth or spiritual justification. Negative literally means minus, without, lacking something real and positive. That is why thinking and dwelling on the past is negative: The only real time we have, is the moment of now. Yesterday is negative because it is non-existent today. Yesterday is like a burned-out match that has been struck and spent, leaving no possibility of igniting again.

Come alive to the truth and beauty of life and your inherent oneness with all the good there is. Challenge yourself every day to be focus fully on the present moment of the day! Get excited about the endless divine possibilities within every moment, each waiting to be ignited into form through the power of your thought. Living fully in the moment, focusing the power of your consciousness on the endless possibilities in the now, allows you to fully express your boundless divinity.