TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

This is accomplished by consciously and continually choosing to look for the good that is all around us and affirming that good is in everything. Perhaps an unexpected good appears and we feel a spontaneous burst of excitement, and, though it passes, there is a subtle desire to feel that positive emotion more often. How do we grasp this positive emotion by often? By cultivating an attitude of gratitude, for in reality we are always grateful for the gift of Life.

Gratefulness is but an attitude of being thankful and knowing why, and living in this awareness. Awe inspiring “Miracles” abound on every hand. Each of the many trillions of cells in the human body speaks of life’s expansive handiwork. From cell to cosmos, the creative action, as we become aware of it, inspires awe and wonder. The orderly flow of this action from divine Source into infinite varieties of manifestation reveals a universal harmony, a profound peace. The more we become conscious of this cosmic quality the more our lives are aligned with harmony and peace. We are also brought to the conclusion that back of the orderly action there must be Intelligence guiding it. Choosing to be alive to the evidence of this Intelligence, moving through all facets of life, opens up a whole new world of wonder and delight.

By training our consciousness in this manner, by definitely choosing to be more aware of the creative action of God operating within us and as us, being more conscious of the universal harmony, and more alive to all facets of life, we come to know that there is potential good in everything. Then our affirming the good in each condition and each experience brings forth that good into our journey. This “demonstration of good” is the visible substance of an inner feeling of gratitude, which is the true spirit of thanksgiving. Thereby our over-all enjoyment of living is also expanded.