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The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living is a spiritually proactive, culturally inclusive, and mindfully progressive New Thought community rooted in the Science of Mind Philosophy of Dr. Ernest Holmes. People who know themselves to be spiritual, rather than religious, always feel at home at TCSL because we believe in the oneness of life, practice spiritual principle, and honor all paths to Divine Spirit. We offer an abundance of services, classes and events to assist you in the evolution and expansion of your consciousness. So, please join us. You are welcome here.

Upcoming Events


In addition to our in-person services – which follow CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVD-19 – TCSL offers services, classes and events online to support you in remaining inspired and informed.

TCSL Live is simulcast on the TCSL Facebook page. 

TCSL Spiritual Empowerment Classes for Winter

TCSL is excited to offer spiritual empowerment classes to expand your consciousness and awaken your spiritual magnificence. To enroll in our spiritual empowerment classes for our Fall Season view the classes below and make your selection.

Timeless Evolution

The Timeless Evolution course focuses teaching participants to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities from those in the current New Thought movement. Students will find themselves led into the Light in ways that suit their Soul so they may become a beacon of Light along their personal spiritual path.

The Nine Spiritual Principles of Manifestation

The Nine Spiritual Principles for Manifestation class provides participates with the spiritual exercises and tools to create and fulfill their destiny. Through the discussion of ancient principles and spiritual practices, The Nine Spiritual Principles of Manifestation teaches the process of meditation as a way to streamline your thoughts, desires, goals, and ultimately, your life.

Spiritual Liberation

The Spiritual Liberation class is an 8 week series providing students the practices and techniques to end the feeling of “struggle” in their journey. Additionally the course provides students with the techniques to liberate them from worrying about the perception of others!

TCSL Mission 

Expanding the Awareness of the Presence of God within All Individuals.



“Our Acts of Humanity Affirm Our Divinity.”

Soul Service

The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living has offered community service projects since its inception. There is always a community service project being offered through the TCSL Soul Service program. To learn about the TCSL Soul Service story and learn about the current Soul Service events select the soul service button below.

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