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Trinity Center for Spiritual Living

Expanding the Awareness of the Presence of God within All Individuals

Taking the time to create your life,
is the first step to creating a life of your creation!

Reiki Service
1st & 3rd Sundays

When the "I am" leads, the path follows!

Sacred Sound Meditation
1st Wednesday of the Month
7:00 P.M.

Trinity Center for Spiritual Living

A Namaste' State of Being

Solfeggio Frequencies
Sound & Light Therapy

Our acts of humanity,
affirm our divinity!

The love and light of Presence you are is so bright, you gotta wear........
well, you know.

To soar, one must be willing to let go!

april5th service

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Stay Inspired! Stay Informed!

Online & Virtual Opportunities

Social distancing does not need to mean social isolation. The TCSL Online & Virtual Opportunities page contains various opportunities for you interact with the new thought community through live streaming services, video recordings and conference calls as well as some of the latest news concerning covid-19. Check this page often as content is being added throughout the day. Stay Inspired! Stay Informed!

Our Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Beliefs

These are the basics: what we believe, our mission, our core values, and who we are as a community.

Our Services

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There is always something going on at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living. Check out our calendar, special events, and services.

Our Community

Our Community

Meet people just like you, an opportunity to introduce our community leaders, small groups to attend and businesses to support.

Spiritual Resources

Spiritual Resources

Listen to podcasts, make an Affirmative Prayer and Reiki request, and get what you need for daily support.

Classes, Workshops & Events

Personal Growth

Check out our classes, workshops, and more—TCSL is the go-to place for personal growth.

Support Our Vision

Support Our Vision

You can make a difference in the world; contribute to a vision of the world that works for everyone.

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