Soul Service

The Soul Service Story

Soul Service is the opportunity for individuals to come together and provide sacred service to those in need. Rev. Tony Crapolicchio said, “The physical act of sacred service to others is a spiritual activity of servicing and empowering our soul.” The TCSL Soul Service initiative allows individuals to be an active part of the change they desire to see in the world by being an outlet for the loving and giving energy of divine Presence. 

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Lost-n-Found Youth Dinner

TCSL members will be serving dinner to the current guests of the Lost and Found Youth Organization every 3rd Friday of the month. All are invited to attend and provide a cooked dish to provide the guests of Lost and Found Youth a balanced dinner. TCSL is asking our members to determine the dish they would like to provide.

TCSL continues to provide dinners to the youth of LnFY during the pandemic restrictions. Dinners are ordered through restaurants and delivery services.

If you would like to sponsor a dinner for one of the youth of Lost n Found you may enter the number of youth you would to sponsor for dinner below. To gift is only $10.00.

Our Acts of Humanity, Affirm our Divinity