Rev. Marcia White is a minister, life-coach and spiritual counselor, but most of all she is a master teacher whose greatest passion is to see everyone realize the highest possibility for their lives. All paths have led Marcia to this moment of sharing. A natural teacher, she is excited by the inquisitive and divine nature in us all and seeks to bring us understanding of our internal power. She teaches that power is a natural unlimited asset and is available to everyone. Genuine power comes from the Spirit within you, as you. When we learn to access the power within us, we can co-create our lives according to our deepest desires. During her 27-year career with diverse world cultural groups in the museum field, particularly at the American Museum of Natural History, and through her international travels, Marcia came to recognize how the oneness of Source is interwoven everywhere and through everything. Later, she formally studied truth at the Barbara King School of Ministry where she was ordained as a New Thought Minister and a Spiritual Counselor. She directed the Continuing Spiritual education program at Hillside International Truth Center for 8 years. Currently, she delivers Sunday messages and teaches spiritual empowerment courses at several New Thought Spiritual Centers in the Atlanta area. She is also a board member at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living.