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From Obstructed Views to Horizons Unlimited


Jan 30 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Even before Covid, many of us have lived in a self-imposed lockdown of joy in our life due to negative memories and past disappointments which have obstructed our view of the life we were meant to lead.  We put our hearts into quarantine to try and avoid further hurt.  You can expand the awareness of God in all individuals, even yourself, to assist you in  reframing your view of yourself and your world. 


Wisdom for Service:


“All the power of the Universe is with you. Feel it, know it and then act as though it was true.”

Dr. Ernest Holmes

Practitioner Sunday

Karen Beard, RScP, is a native of Metro Atlanta and a Practitioner at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living. She was introduced to the Science of Mind (SOM) teaching over 10 years ago, but quickly learned that this had really been her heart’s beliefs for much of her life. She just didn’t know it had a name until she found TCSL. Karen has always been a keen student of comparative philosophies and finds that SOM encourages expansion of thought and spiritual inquiry.  She has served as a member of the Board at TCSL, leads meditations and assists during services.  She has spoken at other Spiritual Living Centers and led past classes at TCSL.  


Karen is a widow and loves books, history, all types of music, travel and has an insatiable curiosity about the world, in general.  She is the Director of the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology, working to improve the quality of services to the greater cancer care community in Georgia.  She also believes that you stay younger longer if you remember to give yourself and others around you permission to play, find things to make you laugh and be of service to others. 

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