Current Class Offerings

Developing a Prosperity Consciousness

The Developing a Prosperity Consciousness class is an 8 week series designed to allow participants to align their consciousness with the abundance of Universal Source. 

The class is designed to dissolve any false and limiting ideas and beliefs about abundance in and as their journey through a powerful 6 step program.

Participants will also be introduced to a 4o day prosperity program to transform every aspect of their journey. 

Required Text: The Abundance Book

Begins Thurs.  April 13th    6:30 P.M.

Fee: $250.00 This series is being offered in person and via Zoom!

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Participants have the option to pay 1/2 of tuition by 1st night of class with remaining tuition to paid the 4th night of class.

Text may be ordered via Amazon paperback and Kindle Click Here

The Mysteries of the Bible

This Mysteries of the Bible class is a rich elaboration on the Bible’s central theme that “Humankind is the image and likeness of God.”  Participants will have the opportunity to experience the Bible from the viewpoint of one of the most profound contributors of the New Thought movement.  Thomas Troward reveals the ultimate meaning of the Bible as a great statement of Universal Laws pertaining to the relationship between the individual and Divine Mind, hidden beneath the veils of symbols, allegories and parables.

During this 8 Week class series participants will unlock the many meanings of the Bibles beautiful parables.

Text Required: Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning order at Amazon


Begins: April 10th @ 6:30 P.M.