A Consciousness of Affluence

A Consciousness of Affluence

No one is meant to live in lack or limitation. You have a divine birthright to thrive in a journey that is free from struggle and overflowing with abundance through your Consciousness of Affluence. 

July 1st 2024 TCSL kicks off the Consciousness of Affluence Series.  The Series will include 4 Sunday lessons on A Consciousness of Affluence, a 4 Week Class and the Unexpected Income Program and MORE!

Affluence Definition:


  1. abundance of money, property, and other material goods; riches; wealth.

  2. an abundant supply, as of thoughts or words; profusion.

  3. a flowing to or toward; afflux.

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Astonishing Abundance Program

Astonishing Abundance Program 


What is the Astonishing Abundance Unexpected Income Program and How Do We Generate This Wonderful Expanded Prosperity Consciousness!

It is simply money you are delighted to receive, but had not planned to receive at the time, from whomever or whatever the source. Through daily affirmative prayer for 31 days aimed specifically at increasing the flow of money in your life with the affirmative prayer for expanding your consciousness of prosperity, below.

A licensed Practitioner will also be conducting affirmative prayer each day for YOUR Expanded Consciousness of Prosperity. As MONEY and other DEMONSTRATIONS of PROSPERITY that YOU are able to recognize as EXPANDED INCOME demonstrate in your experience, your commitment is to send 10% of the expanded income to the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living and put the other 90% of to good and joyful use in your life.

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The Law of Giving & Receiving

by, Dr. Ernest Holmes

Everything in Nature moves in circles. What goes out must come back. Unless the seed is sown, it cannot bear fruit. There must be a planting time for every harvest. Who gives all receives all. Who refuses to give limits the possibility of greater good returning to him. Love and you will be loved. Extend joy and you will become more joyful. We do not to give because God needs the gift, but because the gift increases, broadens and deepens the life of the giver. Nor shall we give from the standpoint of duty. The Universe refuses to bargain with us. It already has given us everything it has. But it also provided that the gift of life can be received in its fullness only when it flows through us to the fullness of others. How wonderful is the exact balance which God and Nature keep, how perfect is the law of Good and how glorious the opportunity to join with the joy of life!

Affirmative Prayer

Universal Loving Presence is the source of all good. Divine Presence is forever giving and prospering It’s creation. I am one with this loving and prosperous Presence and It flows through me every minute of every day. I work with and as this prosperous loving energy to establish a consciousness of prosperity for myself that brings unlimited riches into my life. I know that it is right and good for me to have the money I desire and I wisely spend the money that comes to me by practicing the laws of giving and receiving. I am grateful for my consciousness of prosperity. I am happy to be prospering with all others in the Astonishing Abundance Program at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living. I have spoken my word for amplified abundance in my experience and I know it is here and manifested. I recognize it when it gets here, and I praise the flowing abundance of the Universe. I now release these words into the law. The law does its good work and so it is!

July 1st 2023 


July 31st 2023

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To register for the TCSL 2023 Unexpected income program, send on email to [email protected] and say Sign Me UP!

I accept that my commitment to the Astonishing Abundance Unexpected Income Program is to conduct the below affirmative prayer for 31 days and to tithe 10% of any and all unexpected income I receive during this time frame to the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living.

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Living an Abundant Consciousness

Living an Abundant Consciousness

It is the intention of the Universe for you to be abundant and prosperous everyday of your journey. The Living an Abundant Consciousness 5 Sunday Series is designed for you fulfill and live this divine intention.

The Living the Abundant Consciousness Series is based on The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price.  For the five Sundays in July you will discover:

The Energy of  Money!     

The 40 Day Prosperity Plan!

6 Steps to Free Your Consciousness From Any Old and Limiting Ideas Once and for All!

Being the Ever Expanding Channel for the Abundance of the Universe!

If you would like to follow along in The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price click here to purchase the book from Amazon

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New Thought Fundamentals

New Thought Fundamentals

The New Thought Fundamentals class series is an exploration of the basics of the Science of Mind teaching. Participants will expand their consciousness with in-depth discussions on their individual divinity, the power of Mind and the Oneness of All of Life!


Class Begins: September 26th at 6:30 P.M.


Class is being offered in person and on Zoom.


Zoom information will be provided after registration.


Required Text: The Science of Mind textbook by Dr. Ernest Holmes. The Science of Mind may be ordered through Amazon here.


Class is being offered in person and on Zoom.


Zoom information will be provided after registration.


Fee: 125.00


Participants may register with the full class tuition or half upfront and the second half by 4th week of class. 

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Accessing the Field of Infinite Possibilities

The Accessing the Field of Infinite Possibilities course focus on developing an appreciation of divine coincidences and their true meaning in an individuals journey.


During this 8 Week class series participants will explore the awesome possibility of achieving the spontaneous fulfillment of their desires.


Text Required: The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire order at Amazon




Begins: September 25th @ 6:30 P.M.


Students will have the option to do all 8 weeks in person or 4 Weeks in person and 4 Weeks via Zoom.


Zoom information will be provided after enrollment.

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Living in the Presence

Living in the Presence


The Living in the Presence class is an 8 week series designed to awaken the creative healing and transformative power of the individual consciousness. 


The class is designed to align participants with the truth of their consciousness, God is, I am. Through discussions and exercises on spiritual principles and practices each student will align with this greater truth of their being.


Required Text: The Art of Spiritual Healing


Begins Thurs.  September 28th,    6:30 P.M.


Fee: $250.00 This series is being offered in person and via Zoom!


Register Today for this Accredited Class Series!


Participants have the option to pay 1/2 of tuition by 1st night of class with remaining tuition to paid the 4th night of class.


Text may be ordered via Amazon paperback and Kindle Click Here

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Elementor #15879

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News Letter Continued

TCSL Newsletter Continuation!

As the recognition by the individual of his or her spiritual oneness with the Presence, they are operating from a consciousness which never acts temperamentally or from external coercion, but in accordance with Its own Absoluteness. As Dr. Holmes wrote, “The thing we change is not Reality or the Law of Life or Mind, but our own action in It.”  

How do we change our own action to be reflection of the activity of divine Consciousness? (1) By knowing it takes positive faith and practice to achieve positive success.  

(2) By rejecting negative thinking and filling our heart and mind with the loving qualities of spiritual awareness.  

(3) By practicing mindfulness and opening our thinking to new ideas.  

(4) By honoring our inner desire to know and understand more.  

(5) By letting love flow from the greatness of heart to the greatness of experience.  

As the fullness of spiritual awareness in action, we can be wise and stop any form of false limitation in its tracks before it sets heavily into our thinking. The clearest minds of the ages have passed down this lesson: Life is beautiful, but the eye of the beholder must be free to see it so. We must be it, in our awareness, to see it in our experience.  

All matter is simply Spirit compressed into form; all the material items in our journey are divine Substance providing us an opportunity to expand the divine Substance as our journey. Our Universe is based on a spiritual pattern of unlimited good, and no material manifestation of this Truth can in any way be less than the best.  

As we honor the divine Presence expressing as Itself within all of life, within all the physical realm, within all others, we are free. When our thinking is balanced with this understanding, the necessities and comforts of life become the celebration of our journey. We give our best, everywhere at once. We bless it, respect its value, and give thanks, knowing that what we send forth must return to us multiplied. Send forth the beautiful, centered in the spiritual awareness of your oneness with divine Source. 

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test 1

Gather with like-minded people to celebrate the joy of life in an atmosphere overflowing with unconditional love and support. Feel the energy where all are accepted and valued for who they are. Expand your awareness of the Presence of God through spiritual lessons that are powerful and practical for everyday life, and music that is positive and uplifting to the soul.

Sunday Services

11:00 a.m. – In person* or online

*TCSL follows CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Wednesday Services

7:00 p.m. – Online

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Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative prayer is a bedrock of our teachings. Our licensed prayer practitioners offer prayers for any challenge. Our practitioners compassionately assist and encourage individuals wherever they are in life. No condition is too small to receive prayer support. Prayer support is provided on a wide variety of topics such as health, relationships, anxiety, depression, grief, career, finances, racial challenges, LGBTQ+ and is always confidential.

Fill out the form below to receive affirmative prayer support. 

  • To ensure everyone’s safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, requests for affirmative prayer are being taken and answered via e-mail only.

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