Karen Beard, RScP, is a native of Atlanta and a Practitioner at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living. She was introduced to the Science of Mind (SOM) teaching almost 10 years ago, but quickly learned that this had really been her heart’s beliefs for much of her life. She just didn’t know it had a name until that time. Karen has always been a keen student of comparative philosophies and finds that SOM encourages expansion of thought and spiritual inquiry.  She is a member of the Board at TCSL, leads meditations and assists during services.  She has spoken at other Spiritual Living Centers, led some classes at TCSL and practices Mindfulness Based Meditation.

Karen is a widow and mother of one daughter.  She loves books, history, all types of music, travel and has an insatiable curiosity about the world, in general.  She also believes that you stay younger if you remember to give yourself and others around you permission to play and find things to make you laugh.