July Is Abundance Month @ TCSL

The information for TCSL’s July Abundance Programs is below.  There is a tab for the Astonishing Abundance Unexpected Income Program and a tab for the 40 Day Prosperity Plan.

Affirmative Prayer for Astonishing Abundance Program

Universal Loving Presence is the source of all good. Divine Presence is forever giving and prospering It’s creation. I am one with this loving and prosperous Presence and It flows through me every minute of every day. I work with and as this prosperous loving energy to establish a consciousness of prosperity for myself that brings unlimited riches into my life. I know that it is right and good for me to have the money I desire and I wisely spend the money that comes to me by practicing the laws of giving and receiving. I am grateful for my consciousness of prosperity. I am happy to be prospering with all others in the Astonishing Abundance Program at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living. I have spoken my word for amplified abundance in my experience and I know it is here and manifested. I recognize it when it gets here, and I praise the flowing abundance of the Universe. I now release these words into the law. The law does its good work and so it is!