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Simply enter the TCSL Text to Tithe Number (404) 948-6333 and enter the amount you would like to tithe! Example— 50

If you’ve donated by text before, you’ll receive a confirmation text in response that your tithe has been received successfully and you’re done.

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The TCSL Wishlist is comprised of various items TCSL has identified which will enhance our various services and programs. Each Wishlist item listed has an explanation of why the items is listed and how the purchase of the item will have a positive impact on the services and programs of TCSL. If you would like to become a TCSL Genie and grant the wish of one of the items on the wishlist your Genie Generosity will be tremendously appreciated and is tax deductible.

New Flooring for TCSL

TCSL is getting new flooring! YEA! The new flooring is a commercial grade High Gloss Kapolei Koa click-lock  laminate flooring. The cost of the flooring is approximately $3.00 per square foot installed.  If you would like to be one of the TCSL Genies who donates to the TCSL Flooring Fund, THANK YOU! Just enter the number of square feet or cases you would like to gift, and Wa-Lah, you'll be walking on the new flooring in no time! Each case covers 18 square feet for TCSL!

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New Chairs for TCSL

TCSL is getting NEW CHAIRS! YEA! The current TCSL chairs have served our community well for 18 years. The time has come for new chairs to reflect the newness of our ever evolving divine consciousness, our new space and our new floor. The new chairs are are the largest offered in the church chair industry and have the following features:

The chair pictured is the style of the New TCSL chairs and the picture to the right displays the fabric chosen for the new TCSL chairs.

Each chair cost $65.00 dollars including shipping.  If you would like to be one of the TCSL Genies who gifts a new chair or chairs for TCSL enter the number of chairs you would like to gift. Genies may also choose to gift half or a quarter of chair.

If you would like to gift chairs in honor of someone, please let Rev. Tony know of your intention and their name will be included on a Commemorative Plaque honoring your loved one.

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Sacred Sound Choir Genie Wish for Singing Bowls


TCSL fulfilled the intention to create a Sacred Sound Choir to play for our Sunday services and various other service offerings. The Sacred Sound singingbowlsChoir utilizes Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls to provide the trans-formative and healing benefits of Sacred Sound to our services. The TCSL Genies below granted the wish for the Singing Bowls the TCSL Sacred Sound Ensemble plays every Sunday. TCSL is honored to offer TCSL Genies the opportunity to grant the wish for expanding the trans-formative and healing benefits now offered during TCSL services with a few more bowls. To grant the wish you may sponsor one of the singing bowls listed to the right or one of the bowls listed below.

14 Inch Tibetan Sacred Singing Bowl

$ 80.00
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16 Inch Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowl

$ 100.00
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Donation Total: $100.00

20 Inch Sacred Crystal Singing Bowl

$ 96.00
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Donation Total: $96.00

TCSL wishes to express our joyful gratitude to all the TCSL Genies who have granted the following wishes!

Dimmable Lighting

Thank you

Harritte D. Dian P. Deb. T

Reiki Bedding

Thank you

Karen B. Dian P.

Wall Sconce Lighting

Thank you Anonymous

Carpet Cleaner
Thank you Deb. T. Adrienne H. & Charles H.  for being a TCSL Genie
 Lighting Enhancement
Deb T., Adrienne H. and Karen B. have all become a TCSL Genie and granted the wish of the 3 new lights and the electrician time. Thank you all being a TCSL Genie!
Soul Service Genie Wish for Lunches for the Homeless
This wish has been granted by Charles H. Thank you Charles for becoming a TCSL Genie.
Sacred Singing Bowls Tibetan & Crystal Set
Thank you Anonymous, Charles H., Dan. B, Monica B., Karen B., Dave J., Jeannie M. for being a TCSL Genie!

youth-program-150x150Sponsor a TCSL Youth

TCSL maintains a thriving Youth Program.  The TCSL Youth Program teaches our youth to realize the power of their consciousness to create and enhance their journey. 
The average costs involved in teaching spiritual principle to the TCSL youth is $14.25 per child, per week.  If you would like to sponsor a TCSL youth, enter the amount of your sponsorship in the giving portal below. 

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TCSL is affiliated with the Amazon Smile Program!

If you are an Amazon Shopper or Amazon Prime Shopper, Amazon will donate .05% of your purchase to TCSL. To shop with purpose, just click on the Amazon Smile Banner to the right and click away. Amazon’s Smile program is easy, there is nothing to fill out, and nothing to track. Amazon does it all.  You can shop Amazon with the knowing your Amazon purchase is supporting our beloved spiritual community.

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