Soul Service

The Soul Service Story

Soul Service is the opportunity for individuals to come together and provide sacred service to those in need. Rev. Tony Crapolicchio said,
“The physical act of sacred service to others is a spiritual activity of servicing and empowering our soul.”
The TCSL Soul Service initiative allows individuals to be an active part of the change they desire to see in the world by being an outlet for the loving and giving energy of divine Presence.

TCSL’s Soul Service initiative, under the direction of Rev. Tony and a legion of loving and dedicated volunteers, has provided meals to tens of thousands of homeless individuals within metro Atlanta. The Soul Service initiative provides food through food drives at TCSL, partners with local homeless shelters for teens to provide meals and has an ongoing program of building and delivering lunches for the Atlanta area homeless.

When hurricane Katrina impacted New Orleans, the Soul Service initiative mobilized Centers for Spiritual Living around the world to donate much needed funds.  TCSL served as the only direct donation location for Centers for Spiritual Living to donate funds. The Soul Service initiative for those impacted by hurricane Katrina generated tens of thousands dollars.  Every dollar donated went directly to families and individuals impacted by hurricane Katrina.  After Haiti was devastated by an earthquake, the Soul Service initiative quickly mobilized again to create a relief concert of New Thought performers from the Atlanta area generating thousands of dollars for the American Red Cross.

TCSL’s Soul Service initiative has positively impacted countless organizations by overseeing direct donations to organizations such as; Aid Atlanta, the September 11th Fireman’s Fund, Toys for Tots, Hosea’s Feed the Homeless Campaign, Project Open Hand, Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, The Empty Stocking Fund, Aid’s Walk Atlanta, A Season For Non-Violence, Gay and Lesbian Student Education Network, Habit for Humanity and Lost n Found to name only a few.

Join TCSL for one of our Soul Service events or donate to the TCSL Soul Service fund and be a part of the change you desire to see in the world.

Upcoming Lost n Found Dinner Dates

3rd Friday of the Month, February to November at 5:30 P.M.

Let's Do Dinner

TCSL members will be serving dinner to the current guests of the Lost and Found Youth Organization on lnfthe dates listed to the left. Everyone is invited to attend and provide a cooked dish to provide the guests of Lost and Found Youth a balanced dinner. TCSL is asking our members to determine the dish they would like to provide. If you are unable to attend the dinner and serve the guests of Lost and Found Youth, and would still like to provide a dish for the residents, you may bring your culinary delight to TCSL up to two days before the date listed on our website page.  Your dish will be safely stored in the TCSL refrigerator. All items collected on Thursday will be served at Friday's dinner.

After serving the guests of Lost n Found, TCSL participants are invited to a fellowship dinner at a local restaurant.

If you would like to sponsor a dinner for one of the youth of Lost n Found you may enter the number of youth you would to sponsor for dinner.

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Lost n Found location:

729 Lambert dr. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324

If you need directions to Lost n Found, please use this handy dandy map!


To learn more about the Lost n Found Youth Organization please visit their website by selecting their logo above.


Care for Carrying is a TCSL initiative for the guests of the Lost n’ Found Youth Organization. The youth of L n’ F are in great need of backpacks to carry their belongings. At present many of the youth carry their belongings in either reusable or plastic grocery bags. The TCSL Care for Carrying initiative will provide a much needed backpack for the L n’ F youth. You can make a huge difference in the journey of the guests of L n’ F by choosing to be a sponsor for the Care for Carrying initiative.  TCSL will purchase the backpacks wholesale and deliver the packs once there is funding to purchase a full case. Each backpack costs, $9.50 or $230.26 per case, including shipping and handling. There are 24 backpacks per case. You may view the backpacks and their description below. Every dollar received for the Care for Carrying initiative will go to purchasing a backpack for a L n’ F youth and is tax deductible! To sponsor a backpack, a quarter case, a half case, or a full case for the Care for Carrying initiative, simply enter your choice in the portal below. 

sl-61218.5 inch large backpack that gives you a lot of bag for the size and price and is a great fit for both boys and girls in high school or college. Featuring a dynamic multi color design with bungee accenting, this polyester backpack boasts two large and spacious main compartments as well as three more zipper closure pockets in the front for items you need to get to quickly. This sturdy 18.5 inch backpack also has padded adjustable straps and padded back for long term comfort and durability.

  • Colors: black, royal blue, red, grey, purple and dark pink (assorted)
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 13 x 6.5
  • Material: Denier 600D
  • Case Size: 24 bags per case

Care for Carrying

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The TCSL Wishlist is comprised of various items TCSL has identified which will enhance our various services and programs. Each Wishlist item listed has an explanation of why the items is listed and how the purchase of the item will have a positive impact on the services and programs of TCSL. If you would like to become a TCSL Genie and grant the wish of one of the items on the wishlist your Genie Generosity will be tremendously appreciated and is tax deductible.

Sacred Sound Choir Genie Wish for Singing Bowls


TCSL fulfilled the intention to create a Sacred Sound Choir to play for our Sunday services and various other service offerings. The Sacred Sound singingbowlsChoir utilizes Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls to provide the trans-formative and healing benefits of Sacred Sound to our services. The TCSL Genies below granted the wish for the Singing Bowls the TCSL Sacred Sound Ensemble plays every Sunday. TCSL is honored to offer TCSL Genies the opportunity to grant the wish for expanding the trans-formative and healing benefits now offered during TCSL services with a few more bowls. To grant the wish you may sponsor one of the singing bowls listed to the right or one of the bowls listed below. 

16 Inch Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowl

$ 100.00
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14 Inch Tibetan Sacred Singing Bowl

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22 Inch Sacred Crystal Singing Bowl

$ 111.00
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20 Inch Sacred Crystal Singing Bowl

$ 96.00
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Steam Carpet Cleaner for Ongoing Maintenance

This wish has been granted!

Thank you Deb. T. Adrienne J. & Charles Harper for being a TCSL Genie.

TCSL Service Genie Wish for Lighting Enhancement

This wish has been granted.

 Deb T., Adrienne H. and Karen B. have all become a TCSL Genie and granted the wish of the 3 new lights and the electrician time. Thank you all being a TCSL Genie!


Soul Service Genie Wish for Lunches for the Homeless

This wish has been granted by Charles H. Thank you Charles for becoming a TCSL Genie.

Sacred Singing Bowls Tibetan & Crystal Set

This Wish has Been Granted! Thank You Genies!

Thank you Anonymous, Charles H., Dan. B, Monica B., Karen B., Dave J., Jeannie M. for being a TCSL Genie!


TCSL Book Drive

Located in the Hill Country in Texas is a small rural county inhabited by 84,000 individuals (more or less).  A great percentage of these citizens are either land-rich but money-poor or just money-poor as evidenced by the fact that all 12 of the schools in this county (6 elementary, 2 Intermediate, 2 Middle School, and 2 High School) are classified as Title 1 schools.  (Title 1 schools have an enrollment where at least 40 percent of the student population qualifies for a free or reduced-price meal.)

There is one particular elementary school (pre-K through 4) where 81% of the student population qualifies for this program.    In addition to dealing with poverty on a daily basis, 81% of these students self-identify as Hispanic/Latino which means they have the extra challenge of learning to read and write in a “foreign” language (English) as well as their own “home” language.  For most of these students, the only access they have to English-language books are in school.  These students have the desire to learn, they just need the tools to do that, and books are the tools they need. Unfortunately, this particular elementary school has a reading/chapter book shortage which is not financially covered due to shortage of federal and state funds for “extras.”

This is where we as a spiritual community can make a difference.

A Book Sponsorship Drive has been put into place to help these students improve their lives by improving their reading skills.  Teachers in all grade levels were asked to provide the principal with a “wish-list” of books they could use in their classrooms.  To date, lists totaling 264 books have been submitted and more lists are expected to be submitted as the school year comes to a close. These wish-lists come not only from the classroom teachers but also the behavioral counselors and interventionists who work daily with at-risk students (~60% of population).  The books will be used for various purposes such as independent and small group reading activities.

Join TCSL in helping knowledge-thirsty students transform their lives and the lives of their families.  Sponsor a book for $5 or even a bundle of books by practicing profound acts of love, kindness and compassion to transform the lives of our future leaders and transform the lives of their family, their community, their world and OUR world!

TCSL Book Drive

88% funded
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