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The accredited Science of Mind and non-accredited classes offered by the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living are classes steeped in spiritual principle and practice and are an integral part of your spiritual growth. They will bring to your life a deeper understanding of who you are and your place in the world. By investing in yourself through classes, you will experience a richer and healthier life. Become a student of life and a partner with Spirit. Learn how to use your power to create the kind of life you dream of having. Be sure to check out all of our current and upcoming Classes, Workshops and Events.

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Astonishing Abundance Sunday Series

Living and creating in state of astonishing abundance translates to living and creating in a vibration of consciousness which resonates from the knowing God is Source. Therefore, our every need and want is met with effortless ease. Live fully within this consciousness of astonishing abundance we are operating out of a consciousness void of lack, limitation and fear, centered in the awareness there is an infinite opportunity for peace and plenty to be experienced within our journey and the lives of all others. Contained with this realization is the soul-felt knowing we are the outlet for the infinite possibilities of divine Spirit and our purpose is bring forward into this life our unique expression of Spirit so we live our divine purpose and through creating a life overflowing with the astonishing abundance of health, love and wealth!

Sunday, June 7th     I Am & I Have! The Sacred Truth

Sunday, June 14th   Crazy Vibrational Intentionality

Sunday, June 21st    There’s Great Possibility for Us All

Sunday, June 28th   Your Birthright of Astonishing Abundance


The Astonishing Abundance Sunday Series is based on the booklet, Prosperity, Plenitude & Infinite Possibilities by, Dr. Michael Beckwith. To order a copy of  Prosperity, Plenitude & Infinite Possibilities by, Dr. Michael Beckwith click on the books image to the left!

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The nature of the divine Spirit is to opulently express Itself throughout and as all of creation! As a individualized expression of the energy of Spirit, you contain the spiritual authority to bring forward in thought and form the opulence of the Universe demonstrating as astonishing abundance through every aspect of your journey.

You are invited to visit with Rev. Tony for an 8 week class experiential class series designed to unleash and manifest the astonishing abundance of your consciousness.  During the Astonishing Abundance class series participants will be able to explore the spiritual practices and techniques of:

The Energy of Abundance

The Energy of Your Consciousness

The Energy of Your Triune Journey

The Energy of Spiritual Practices & Principles

And Much More!

Fee: Love Offering

Text Required: None

This class is being offered in-person at TCSL and through the Zoom video conference.  See below for the Zoom Meeting Info:

Tony Crapolicchio is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Astonishing Abundance Class Series
Time: Jun 9, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 815 5482 0039
Password: 041205
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The Astonishing Abundance Affirmative Prayer video series is an enhanced service for all particpating in one of TCSLs Astonishing Abundance Services, Classes or Program. New affirmative prayers for the realization of Astonishing Abundance within your journey will be offered and updated daily. Tune in everyday for the latest affirmative prayer for Astonishing Abundance!


The Astonishing Abundance Program and How We Generate This Wonderful  Expanded Prosperity


Astonishing abundance is simply money you are delighted to receive, but had not planned to receive at the time, from whomever or whatever the source. Through daily affirmative prayer for 61 days aimed specifically at increasing the flow of money in your life with the affirmative prayer for expanding your consciousness of prosperity included on the right of this page. A licensed Practitioner will also be conducting affirmative prayer each day for YOUR Expanded Consciousness of Prosperity. As MONEY and other DEMONSTRATIONS of  ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY that YOU are able to recognize as ASTONISHING ABUNDANCE demonstrate in your experience, your commitment is to tithe 10% of the extra abundance to the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living online or via text through the Astonishing Abundance tithing portals and put the other 90% to good and joyful use in your life.


  • A licensed Practitioner will do affirmative prayer for your astonishing abundance for 61 days

  • Tune-in daily for affirmations for spiritual growth, abundance and prosperity via the TCSL Astonishing Abundance web-page for 61 days to assist in keeping your consciousness focused on expanding abundance within your journey

  • Actively engage the empowering lessons, classes and events on abundance and prosperity either via in-person services or TCSL!

The Law Of Giving And Receiving

By Ernest Holmes

Everything in Nature moves in circles. What goes out must come back. Unless the seed is sown, it cannot bear fruit. There must be a planting time for every harvest. Who gives all receives all. Who refuses to give limits the possibility of greater good returning to him. Love and you will be loved. Extend joy and you will become more joyful. We do not to give because God needs the gift, but because the gift increases, broadens and deepens the life of the giver. Nor shall we give  from the standpoint of duty. The  Universe refuses to bargain with us. It already has given us everything it has. But it also provided that the gift of life can be received in its fullness only when it flows through us to the fullness of others. How wonderful is the exact  balance which God and Nature keep, how perfect is the law of Good and how glorious the opportunity to join with the joy of life!

To participate in the TCSL Astonishing Abundance 2020 Program Complete the Online Registration Below!


Astonishing Abundance Sign-Up
The phone number below way to reach me

Affirmative Prayer


Universal Loving Presence is the source of all good. Divine Presence is forever giving and prospering Its creation. I am one with this loving and prosperous Presence and It flows through me every minute of every day. I work with and as this prosperous loving energy to establish a consciousness of prosperity for   myself that brings unlimited abundant and prosperous riches into my life. I know that it is right and good for me to have the abundance, the prosperity and the money I desire everyday of my journey. I always know I have more than enough to share and to spare as I lovingly and effortlessly by practice the laws of giving and receiving. I am grateful for my consciousness of abundance and prosperity. I am happy to be prospering with all others in the Astonishing Abundance Program at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living. I have spoken my word for amplified abundance within my experience and I know it is here and manifested. I recognize my astonishing abundance when it gets here, and I praise the flowing abundance of the Universe. I release these words into the causative law of the Universe, knowing the law does its good work and so it is!

Advance Tickets Only at:


What may seem like contraction to many is an illusion. This is a time of immense expansion along with an opportunity to go deeper into the shadow self.
This 75 minute in-person sound bath provides a portal to release false beliefs, duality and separation on the vibrations of gongs, bells and bowls.


This Other Care contract is designed to create a safe environment and is an altruistic act that demonstrates we care about the safety and comfort of other people in the space:
• I understand that payment will be made in advance to secure one of the 10 spaces.
• I understand that anyone who has not prepaid will not be allowed entrance and that there are no refunds.
• I agree to position my mat a minimum of 15 feet or more apart from other participants.
• I agree to wear a facial covering upon entering the building and throughout the entire sound immersion.
• I agree to bring my own yoga mat, blankets, water and personal items.
• I understand if I remove my facial covering that the sound immersion will stop and I will be asked to leave.
• I understand the the air ventilation system will be off so the sanctuary may be a bit warm.
•       I understand that GabrielNelson will not walk around participants, chant or sing and will wear facial covering the entire time.
• I agree to be mindful afterwards about the personal space and comfort of others. If I want to talk with someone I know, I will ask their permission to get closer to them with my facial covering on.
Thank you and Sound Blessings,
GabrielNelson Sears 

Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist

To Tithe to Chats with Rev. Cath Enter the Your Tithe Information Below

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Sound Therapy Benefits

Light Therapy Benefits

The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living is honored to bring Sound and Crystal Light Therapy to the Metro-Atlanta area. This unique opportunity for aligning with divine Presence through the frequency of sound and light is a tremendous gift to provide the evolution of your spiritual being.

The Sound and Light Therapy sessions offered by TCSL feature sound and light therapy administered simultaneously. The Light Therapy immerses you in colors of the Chakras projected through clear quartz crystals. The Sound Therapy creates a resonant cocoon of vibrations and sound using a Bose stereo, noise canceling headphones and Inner Solutions Transducers. The transducers produce a gentle vibration of the bed as the frequency of the music plays through the vibrations.

The first 25 minutes of the sound therapy session consist of the Solfeggio Frequencies (God Frequencies). The Solfeggio Frequencies offered at the start of each session are:

639Hz Connecting/Relationships/Balance

417Hz Undoing Situations/Transformation

852Hz Returning to Spiritual Order/Raise Awareness

963Hz Return to Perfect State/Christ Consciousness/Oneness

The second half of the sound therapy session consists of the subliminal messaging that you and your practitioner have agreed aligns with your intention. The music and the subliminal messaging is by world renowned sound healer Steven Halpern.  The current subliminal messaging offered through the TCSL Sound and Light Therapy sessions are:

Enhancing Relaxation and Being Stress Free

A Pain Free Body Thriving as Source

Alignment with the Radiant Health and Well-Being of Source

Creating and Living in Perfect Divine Clarity and Focus

Enhancing Success in Life in Alignment with Spirit

Evolving Divine Energetic Creativity within the Soul

Expanding Confidence in Your Divinity

Living & Maintaining Your Perfect Divine Weight

Nurturing the Soul

Source Abundance

The TCSL Sound and Light Therapy sessions are administered by a highly trained TCSL Prayer or Reiki practitioner.

Each consciousness expanding session is approximately 90 minutes. Each session consists of 45 minutes of consultation and treatment with your Prayer or Reiki practitioner and approximately 45 minutes on the TCSL Sound and Light Therapy bed.

The cost of this transformative session is $65.00 plus the Practitioner fees.

To schedule your Sound and Light Therapy session please call the office of TCSL at 404-296-6064 or complete the contact form below and include a phone number to contact you in the paragraph section. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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