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The accredited Science of Mind and non-accredited classes offered by the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living are classes steeped in spiritual principle and practice and are an integral part of your spiritual growth. They will bring to your life a deeper understanding of who you are and your place in the world. By investing in yourself through classes, you will experience a richer and healthier life. Become a student of life and a partner with Spirit. Learn how to use your power to create the kind of life you dream of having. Be sure to check out all of our current and upcoming Classes, Workshops and Events.

expanding the awareness of your divinity

Expanding the Awareness of Your Divinity is a three week class designed to provide you with the spiritual tools and techniques for you to create and live a journey from a profound awareness of your Oneness with divine Presence. Each class is interactive and experiential and serves to expand your spiritual practice centered in your divinity!

During this three week series you will discover:

The Art of Affirmative Prayer

The Power and Practice of Meditation

The Ease of Living from Your Highest Vibration


Facilitated by: Rev. Tony

Fee: Love Offering Begins January 14th 11:00 A.M. & 7:00 P.M.

a sacred evening

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, Jan. 22 2020

Wednesday, Apr. 22nd 2020

Wednesday, July 22nd 2020

Wednesday, Oct. 21st 2020

4e179c1d1f9c588a90dbb2627955eaafA Sacred Evening


The TCSL Prayer and Reiki Practitioners invite you to a Sacred Evening of transformative prayer and energy service.

Guided Meditation

Affirmative Prayer



Ignite the Sacred Transformation Process

Guided Meditation Begins Promptly at 7:00 P.M.

Individual Affirmative Prayer and Reiki sessions immediately following meditation.

Enjoy the Introductory Video to A Sacred Evening

Embrace the intention of self-love on the harmonious waves of Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, Native American flutes and ocean drums.

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket. Facilitated by certified vibrational sound therapist, GabrielNelson Sears.

$15 Love Offering

The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living Reiki Team is pleased to offer a Reiki Level 1 workshop on Sunday February 16th 1:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M. and Saturday February 22nd, 2020 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The two day workshop is being conducted by TCSL’s elite team of Reiki Masters. The training consists of a four and six workshop sessions and six required practice sessions with clients. Upon completion of the two day’s of workshop and practice sessions participants will be attuned as Reiki Practitioners and have a thorough understanding of:

  • The Reiki story and what Reiki is Benefits-of-Reiki
  • The Principles of Reiki
  • The primary Chakra energy centers of the body
  • Reiki hand positions for treating others and self
  • How to conduct a Reiki Treatment
  • Reiki Attunement


The fee for the Reiki Level 1 training is $100.00  and is due by February 15th, 2020.  To register please use the payment portal to the right.

You are welcome to join us for a repeat class, if you have already taken Reiki 1.  The cost for the repeat class is $50.00 and is also due by February 15th.  Please bring your Reiki certificate on February 16th.  To register please use the payment portal to the right.

The maximum number of students for this training is ten.   The first ten persons to submit full payment will be registered to attend. For questions and to register for the workshop, please contact Trinity Center for Spiritual Living at 404-296-6064.

Reiki Practitioner Training

$ 100.00
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Sound Therapy Benefits

Light Therapy Benefits

The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living is honored to bring Sound and Crystal Light Therapy to the Metro-Atlanta area. This unique opportunity for aligning with divine Presence through the frequency of sound and light is a tremendous gift to provide the evolution of your spiritual being.

The Sound and Light Therapy sessions offered by TCSL feature sound and light therapy administered simultaneously. The Light Therapy immerses you in colors of the Chakras projected through clear quartz crystals. The Sound Therapy creates a resonant cocoon of vibrations and sound using a Bose stereo, noise canceling headphones and Inner Solutions Transducers. The transducers produce a gentle vibration of the bed as the frequency of the music plays through the vibrations.

The first 25 minutes of the sound therapy session consist of the Solfeggio Frequencies (God Frequencies). The Solfeggio Frequencies offered at the start of each session are:

639Hz Connecting/Relationships/Balance

417Hz Undoing Situations/Transformation

852Hz Returning to Spiritual Order/Raise Awareness

963Hz Return to Perfect State/Christ Consciousness/Oneness

The second half of the sound therapy session consists of the subliminal messaging that you and your practitioner have agreed aligns with your intention. The music and the subliminal messaging is by world renowned sound healer Steven Halpern.  The current subliminal messaging offered through the TCSL Sound and Light Therapy sessions are:

Enhancing Relaxation and Being Stress Free

A Pain Free Body Thriving as Source

Alignment with the Radiant Health and Well-Being of Source

Creating and Living in Perfect Divine Clarity and Focus

Enhancing Success in Life in Alignment with Spirit

Evolving Divine Energetic Creativity within the Soul

Expanding Confidence in Your Divinity

Living & Maintaining Your Perfect Divine Weight

Nurturing the Soul

Source Abundance

The TCSL Sound and Light Therapy sessions are administered by a highly trained TCSL Prayer or Reiki practitioner.

Each consciousness expanding session is approximately 90 minutes. Each session consists of 45 minutes of consultation and treatment with your Prayer or Reiki practitioner and approximately 45 minutes on the TCSL Sound and Light Therapy bed.

The cost of this transformative session is $65.00 plus the Practitioner fees.

To schedule your Sound and Light Therapy session please call the office of TCSL at 404-296-6064 or complete the contact form below and include a phone number to contact you in the paragraph section. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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