Underlying Structure of Life’s Patterns

April 10, 2019 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Join Spiritual Summit host / life teacher, John Stringer, and guest speaker, Mary Alison, for an empowering evening of inspiration. Whether it’s that one person who has an invariably dramatic life, that friend of yours who is always successful, or the neighbor whose life is always falling apart… Our lives seem to escort us through patterns that we, for the most part, are often oblivious to. Mary will be speaking about the underlying structure of these patterns. Because, why not? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have deeper insight into the way in which life structures itself. Mary will be sharing about her life, or more so the darker moments of her life, and how they led her to harness a deeper sense of presence and acceptance for the way in which this, sometimes chaotic world, assembles itself.

Doors at 7PM (we will start promptly at 7:20PM).

About Mary Allison:
Mary Allison is a wordsmith, a philosopher of metaphysics, and above all, an advocate for compassion. The young catalyst promotes affirmative transformation of self by using the poetic mechanisms of life, science, and artistry to contribute to the philosophical messages she conveys. Her speaking career has led her on multiple tours across America, where she has been a featured guest speaker at many different Spiritual Living Centers, Unity Churches, Festivals, Gatherings, and Retreats.

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