Everything Goes Better When We Let Love Lead

March 11, 2018 @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Turning one’s eyes inward, you recognize that Love is the spark of your being and doing. As the Source of our innocence, creativity, and whole-hearted desires, Divinity leads the dance of this life even when it doesn’t seem apparent. Attuning to this sacred partnership of Heart and mind, the intellect can relax into its perfect role of serving the call of soul. In so doing, life feels rejuvenated: rich with vitality, insight, and courage to trust your unique creative genius. Heartfully “All-In,” you and me and every version of we are energized to usher-in our highest rebirth and vibrant creation of our beloved New Earth. The Call of I (a high-vibe-mini-film woven into this talk) celebrates the power of harmony and beauty to sync us up with the most important thing, revealed in every moment of our deep listening.

Wisdom for Service:

“The call of ‘I’ is clearly heard….Give compassion for no conditional reason. Forgive and let live. It’s the call of your soul. Boldly step through the unconscious season. Trust love as the lead that you follow.”

Korrine Holt

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