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July 1st & July 8th Parts 1 & 2

You Are a Bad Derriere at Demonstrating Abundance

An empowering two part Sunday series based on Jan Sincero’s book, You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money.  The You Are a Bad Derriere at Demonstrating Abundance series expands your innate spiritual ability to master the mindset of creating and demonstrating an abundant journey.

The series will conclude with the You Are a Bad Derriere at Demonstrating Abundance Workshop on the July 8th, from 1:00 P.M. to 2:30 P.M. The You Are a Bad Derriere at Demonstrating Abundance Workshop will focus on abundance and prosperity exercises as well as offering clarity on participants questions concerning creating and demonstrating an abundant journey.

Wisdom for Service July 1st:

“You’ve moved mountains before, I know you have, and it’s because you really really desired to be, do, and have whatever it was that you desired.”

Jan Sincero

Wisdom for Service July 8th:

“Fall so madly in love with your vision that it’s no match for any limiting subconscious beliefs that pitch a fit and try to stop you.”

Jan Sincero

July 15th

The Secret to Permanent Prosperity

You have the ability to unleash the abundant and prosperous energy of the power of Source that you are! Dr. Edwene Gaines provides the key for your consciousness to create and live in permanent prosperity!

Wisdom for Service:

“Every single one of us has everything it takes to begin today to live our lives at that level where they work all the time, in every area–all it takes is a conscious intention.”

Edwene Gaines

July 15th

Practicing Prosperity

When we have a concern, or a problem, we often look at it as a negative and wonder why this is happening to me? Words and thoughts are powerful and we may fall into victim and worry mode. We all have these times in our lives. Looking and thinking about the challenge as a new project, an opportunity to expand and evolve, allows us exhale and breathe easier. We will look at how practicing prosperity principles and techniques can move us from fear and despair to peace and plenty. When you feel the river is rising around you, remember to open your life and your consciousness to the divine within you.

Wisdom for Service:

“When you earn your wings in consciousness, the affluence of heaven and earth will stream into you.”

Eric Butterworth

Spiritual Economics

July 29th

Instant Abundance: Just Add Alignment


Enjoy John Stringer, as we explore what ancient masters and teachers of today remind us of (our oneness, perfection and power) and remember how alignment with Source can help us instantly realize our abundance.


Wisdom for Service:

” Alignment not only helps you recognize and release the mis-created meaning, blocks, and conditioned thinking that don’t serve you; it restores your right thinking, renews your mind and allows you to receive inspired thought and action that lead to LOVE in action.”

John Stringer

The Abundance Vibration

You Are a Bad Derriere at Demonstrating Abundance Workshop

The You Are a Bad Derriere at Demonstrating Abundance Workshop will focus on abundance and prosperity exercises as well as offering clarity for participants questions concerning creating and demonstrating an abundant journey. The workshop is based on the two part Sunday series, You Are a Bad Derriere at Demonstrating Abundance and the book You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money by Jan Sincero.  Come prepared to have fun, laugh and empower your inner Bad Derriere  to demonstrate overflowing abundance!





If you are ready to learn and practice the principles of true prosperity, this workshop will answer your questions and inspire you to act.

Edwene Gaines has made 100% commitment to the transformation of the abundance consciousness of Planet Earth.

An ordained Unity minister, she shares with humor and joy the four spiritual principles of prosperity… Finding your Divine Purpose Forgiveness and Worthiness Tithing and Giving Setting Clearcut Goals
Edwene guarantees that this event will change your life…if you are teachable.

The workshop is offered on a love offering basis!

Bring Your Friends!


Intuitive Abilities & Instant Abundance

Join life teacher, John Stringer and intuitive coach, Arlene Moshe, as we explore our birthright of abundance through intuitive abilities. We'll demonstrate and practice exercises together that allow you to experience more of your power in a group setting. You'll become more comfortable with accessing your abilities that go beyond limited conditioned thinking and awaken to the clarity and action steps your Self desires!

Sacred Sound Meditations Centered in the Intention

of Divine Abundance & Prosperity

July 11th 18th & 25th


Experience profound peace and relaxation. Gentle vibrations wash over you as harmonious sounds reduce brain wave activity. Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, Native American flutes and ocean drums are some of the instruments used for this sound meditation facilitated by sound practitioner Gabriel Nelson Sears. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket


Unexpected Income Program and How Do We Generate This Wonderful  Expanded Prosperity


It is simply money you are delighted to receive, but had not planned to receive at the time, from whomever or whatever the source. Through daily affirmative prayer for 30 days aimed specifically at increasing the flow of money in your life with the affirmative prayer for expanding your consciousness of prosperity included on the right of this page. A licensed Practitioner will also be conducting affirmative prayer each day for YOUR Expanded Consciousness of Prosperity. As MONEY and other DEMONSTRATIONS of  ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY that YOU are able to recognize as EXPANDED INCOME demonstrate in your experience, your commitment is to tithe 10% of the expanded  income to the  Trinity Center for Spiritual Living at the address listed below and put the other 90% to good and joyful use in your life.


  • A licensed Practitioner will do affirmative prayer for your expected income for 30 days

  • Receive affirmations for spiritual growth, abundance and prosperity via e-mail for 30 days to assist in keeping your consciousness focused on expanding abundance within your journey

  • Participate in weekly affirmative prayer groups, following Sunday service

The Law Of Giving And Receiving

By Ernest Holmes

Everything in Nature moves in circles. What goes out must come back. Unless the seed is sown, it cannot bear fruit. There must be a planting time for every harvest. Who gives all receives all. Who refuses to give limits the possibility of greater good returning to him. Love and you will be loved. Extend joy and you will become more joyful. We do not to give because God needs the gift, but because the gift increases, broadens and deepens the life of the giver. Nor shall we give  from the standpoint of duty. The  Universe refuses to bargain with us. It already has given us everything it has. But it also provided that the gift of life can be received in its fullness only when it flows through us to the fullness of others. How wonderful is the exact  balance which God and Nature keep, how perfect is the law of Good and how glorious the opportunity to join with the joy of life!



Affirmative Prayer


Universal Loving Presence is the source of all good. Divine Presence is forever giving and prospering Its creation. I am one with this loving and prosperous Presence and It flows through me every minute of every day. I work with and as this prosperous loving energy to establish a consciousness of prosperity for   myself that brings unlimited riches into my life. I know that it is right and good for me to have the money I   desire and I wisely spend the money that comes to me by practicing the laws of giving and receiving. I am grateful for my consciousness of prosperity. I am happy to be prospering with all others in the Unexpected Income Program at the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living. I have spoken my word for amplified abundance in my experience and I know it is here and manifested. I recognize it when it gets here, and I praise the flowing abundance of the Universe. I now release these words into the causative law of the Universe, knowing the law does its good work and so it is

To participate in the 2108 Unexpected Income Program

  • Copy and paste the form below
  • Fill in and sign the form
  • Bring the completed form to service and drop it into the offering basket or mail it to: TCSL 1095 Zonolite Rd Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30306
  • Name__________________________
  • Email__________________________
  • I accept that my commitment to the Unexpected Income Program is to conduct the above affirmative prayer for 30 days and to tithe 10% of any and all unexpected income I receive during this time frame to the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living.
  • Signature_______________________ 

The Soul of Money is a four week course overflowing with empowering spiritual practices and practical physical exercises to enhance the alignment of the energy of you soul with the abundance of divine Source.  The class is based on the book, The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist.  The Soul of Money course is a fast paced and interactive series designed to allow participants to release financial fears and worries and step into a consciousness overflowing with the faith and confidence to create a journey of abundant and prosperous ease.

Required Text: The Soul of Money, by Lynn Twist

Fee: Love Offering

“There is enough for everyone everywhere to have a  healthy and productive life.”

Buckminster Fuller

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