TCSL Wishlist

The TCSL Wishlist is comprised of various items TCSL has identified which will enhance our various services and programs. Each Wishlist item listed has an explanation of why the items is listed and how the purchase of the item will have a positive impact on the services and programs of TCSL. If you would like to become a TCSL Genie and grant the wish of one of the items on the wishlist your Genie Generosity will be tremendously appreciated and is tax deductible.

Sacred Sound Choir Genie Wish for Singing Bowls


TCSL has established the intention to create a Sacred Sound Choir to play for our Sunday services and various other service offerings. The Sacred Sound singingbowlsChoir will use Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls to provide the trans-formative and healing benefits of Sacred Sound to our services. TCSL will provide the Singing Bowls for the Sacred Sound Choir. The Sacred Sound Choir will need 14 singing bowls that cost an average of $57.00 each. If you would like to grant the Sacred Sound Choir wish for one or more of the bowls please use the Genie Portal below. 

Thank you Anonymous, Charles H., Dan. B, Monica B., Karen B., Dave J., Jeannie M. for being a TCSL Genie!

Only 7 bowls to go!

Genie Donation Singing Bowls

$ 15
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Donation Total: $15

Soul Service Genie Wish for Lunches for the Homeless

This wish has been granted by Charles H. Thank you Charles for becoming a TCSL Genie.

TCSL Service Genie Wish for Lighting Enhancement

This wish has been granted.

 Deb T., Adrienne H. and Karen B. have all become a TCSL Genie and granted the wish of the 3 new lights and the electrician time. Thank you all being a TCSL Genie!


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